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  1. Mizdx

    [PS3] [HEN] Resident Evil 5 Rtm Tool

    I forgot to disable protection in visual studio when building the program and I have received several reports from people and I am working on a new program
  2. Mizdx

    PS3 [Update] GTAIV OSK Name Changer Sprx

    ------------------------------------------------ for the people that ask me about my gtaiv osk sprx Notice it contains some bugs Press L1 And R1 And X to open osk ----------------------------------- Pictures Of Osk ------------------------------------------- Download...
  3. Mizdx

    PS4 [GTAV/1.38] PS4 GTAV SPRX

    GTAV ------------------------------------------------ Download ------------------------------ Credit mizdx 2much4u
  4. Mizdx

    PS3 (GTAIV) Simple My Sandrum Source Code Menu Dump

    ----------------------------------------------------------- Some My Sandrum Source Code Menu If you want to use it or post it to another place please give me credit and mention the source if the thread reached 50 likes, I will release my protections and menu for free if you have a question...
  5. Mizdx

    Ich liebe dich

    Ich liebe dich
  6. Mizdx


    contact me on discord
  7. Mizdx


    ----------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to buy a full version, contact me on discord mizdx#5066 You can try the demo version before purchasing ------------------------------------------------- Features 1-Support for 2 years 2-Support for updates 3-Support...
  8. Mizdx

    PS4 [GTA V/1.38] Expulsion v3.0 Mod Menu for PS4 9.00 by LushModz

    ----------------------------------------------------------- Video Showcase ---------------------------------------- Download This mod menu works on GTA 5 Versions 1.38 USA (only in Story Mode Offline), with more updates hopefully becoming available for all versions of Grand Theft Auto...
  9. Mizdx

    I want white led :crying:

    I want white led :crying:
  10. Mizdx

    PS3 Leech code for sprx BLUS

    great work
  11. Mizdx

    PS3 SxW Mod Menu PS3/XBOX

    who is "mizdex" ? nice work
  12. Mizdx

    PS3 [GTAIV] Infinite Loading Screen Fix

    ------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------- Guide 1-copy a game to an internal hard drive for ps3 2-delete update file and data from data game utility 3-download and install a modified updated Enjoy Playing...
  13. Mizdx

    Working Console ID #8645

    put it in spoiler
  14. Mizdx

    PS4 All Kernel 9.00 Addresses Dumped

    ---------------------------------------------- All Kernel Addresses Dumped By Mizdx ---------------------------------------
  15. Mizdx

    PS3 [GTAIV] Menu Base And Sco Loader Sprx

    ----------------------------------------- Picture Of The Menu ---------------------------------------------------------------- Download The Menu Base And Sco Loader Sprx :blueheart: Do not forget credit and thanks and have fun in the game :blueheart...
  16. Mizdx

    I missed you

    I missed you
  17. Mizdx

    Banned Console ID #8607

  18. Mizdx

    Banned Console ID #8605

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