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  1. rebugdex_4.75

    hwid spoofer

    100% Working hwid spoofer its not protected so if you want release the source
  2. rebugdex_4.75

    Rtm stuff

    nah im kidding
  3. rebugdex_4.75

    Rtm stuff

    lets see if its skidded
  4. rebugdex_4.75

    Stealth Server***Migraine Revised*****17559***Plus Color Picker!!

    put the / as usual"][url] put the / as usual
  5. rebugdex_4.75

    PS3 Help need Black ops 2 mod menu

    i was gonna give him reflex which is better
  6. rebugdex_4.75

    hey dude been awhile

    hey dude been awhile
  7. rebugdex_4.75

    Just my small multitool

    DISCLAIMER this content is for educational purposes only I do not take responsibility for anyone's actions Features black ops 2 small little tiny RTM IP geolocate my custom IP Pinger will be adding more this is 100% not protected so you could add more to it if you know how leave credits...
  8. rebugdex_4.75

    dll injector source Credits: Dexxy aka me Takes notes maybe learn something? YouTube: if you want more releases any amount helps thanks :)
  9. rebugdex_4.75

    Banned Console ID #8099

    you say add credits but dont add credits yourself LMAOOO
  10. rebugdex_4.75

    Banned Console ID #8098

    this is my cid no need for credits it says its a dexxy cid
  11. rebugdex_4.75

    Banned Console ID #8098

    never posted a ban cid :p
  12. rebugdex_4.75

    Banned Console ID #8098

    no no no no just press r2 triangle if you have webman then sign in after you load the game
  13. rebugdex_4.75

    Banned Console ID #8098

    This is a Dexxy cid sooo it should last awhile if no one plays newer games THIS IS MY CID I DONT POST CIDS FROM OTHER SITES I 100% OWN THIS CID if you want more cid post give this thread a like to show me i should post more
  14. rebugdex_4.75

    RTM Source

    this is my personal rushed tool idc how it looks idc what you think this is for beginners it uses metroframe
  15. rebugdex_4.75

    COD codes

  16. rebugdex_4.75

    Black Ops 2 RCE

  17. rebugdex_4.75

    Black Ops 2 RCE

    all credits are in .rar
  18. rebugdex_4.75

    Ended Extortion giveaway

    you have 24 hours to claim it by dming me
  19. rebugdex_4.75

    Banned Console ID #7864

    Credits: Infinite because he is a god
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