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  1. WOLF_MoDz--

    Webman doesn't work on dex

    Install webman for the dex version you are using
  2. WOLF_MoDz--

    Ended Private Console ID+ PSID Giveaway

    Thanks for the opportunity, I'll pick 420
  3. WOLF_MoDz--


    Vouching for Emanuel, super easy fix for offline boredom. Quick fast transaction. Great to see you're still active on here bro thanks again!
  4. WOLF_MoDz--


    Vouching again for Emanuel quick, easy, painless transaction and you're back online.
  5. WOLF_MoDz--

    Call Of Duty: BO3 1.03 Non-Host Aimbot Mod Menu [DEX/CEX] DOWNLOAD

    Too bad I missed out on this one. Nice post tho, boi. I enjoy Funboy's posts. Quality shit! Love the girl lol she looks like she's about to take a mile of man meat up her rear-mounted elliptical exhaust port. Here's a set of boobies for you (.)(.) Keep up the good work
  6. WOLF_MoDz--

    PS3 parodox a paid menu now "CLOSE THEME"

    Looks like a great menu! Thanks!
  7. WOLF_MoDz--

    AW Fury - CCAPI - DEX + CEX By Enstone (French Modding Team)

    I bought my copy of Fury July 27th, play it almost every day since and no ban. I didn't use unlock all or anything like that however, I'm levelling up and prestiging "legit". Mods I use religiously are : redbox, uav, no recoil, and aimbot
  8. WOLF_MoDz--

    Super Force Host || Aimbot || WORKING Anti-Ban || Elite Guns/DLC || Stats ||

    Dangerous file blocked by mediafire. Please upload new link
  9. WOLF_MoDz--


    Vouching again for Emanuel, 4th or 5th CID I've bought from him. Fast, easy. Its great doing business with you bro
  10. WOLF_MoDz--


    Another positive buying experience through Emanuel. Fast legit seller. Vouch 100% for him.
  11. WOLF_MoDz--

    PS3 all ghosts dlc

    Update SOME of this works very well, I was able to install the wolf skin and snoop doggs voicepack, plus the Elias pack no issues. There is a problem with the map packs. Some maps load and play just fine, others cause instant freeze and a checkerboard screen. My advice is to not install any of...
  12. WOLF_MoDz--

    PS3 all ghosts dlc

    It works very well. Simply choose what you want from the list, it will download a .pkg file with a pile of numbers as its name. I chose to rename as they were downloaded. After you get what you want, put them on the root of your usb and use install package files. Then install the fix when you've...
  13. WOLF_MoDz--

    PS3 all ghosts dlc

    the ****'d out source site is p o r t a l c e n t r i c . n e t
  14. WOLF_MoDz--

    PS3 Kurt2467 Exposed For CID Stealing

    Good job bro, I was going to share this exact post this morning. **** Kurt and all guys like him. Most of us work hard to earn our play money. This will definitely help people avoid problems.
  15. WOLF_MoDz--

    MW3 Quick Recovery Tool 1.24 [Coded By Me] + Virus Scan

    link is still down for me. did any of you guys manage to get this tool?
  16. WOLF_MoDz--

    How long do you think the PS3 will last.

    My guess is PSN is still profitable enough for limited release of new games which tells us not everyone can afford ps4 and there's still enough interest in dlc to keep it going. My guess is 2018
  17. WOLF_MoDz--

    Should younis buy us a Titian X GPU

    Expensive piece of hardware. Roughly half the price of my MacBook Pro
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