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New Profile Posts

  1. MindCrime
  2. itzjohhnycfw
  3. anerxiaYT
    anerxiaYT Abzz Ramz
    Like just the ones on the home page
  4. anerxiaYT
    anerxiaYT Abzz Ramz
    My dude I don't have premium but can you hook me up with the id eanyways and just send it to me?
  5. Raheem_103
    Raheem_103 lxlKingzOFAllModzlxl
    can i get console ID
    1. lxlKingzOFAllModzlxl
      I don’t sell sorry
      Feb 20, 2019 at 11:33 PM
  6. SevenOFF
    SevenOFF Younis
    Hey @Younis, i really need to do change some setting in my psn of my ps3, but my cid is banned, do you have 1 for just 2mn, i really need it pls you can contact me discord Seven#2762
  7. Forgot My Password
    Forgot My Password Younis
    Hey! @Younis how do i buy a months premium? I have Google Pay UK setup.
  8. Forgot My Password
    Forgot My Password
    New user just passing by.
  9. TheRealHASTER
  10. Rough Ryziq
  11. ☢KTLMoDz☢
  12. ☢KTLMoDz☢
    ☢KTLMoDz☢ Younis
  13. Lindows
    Lindows Younis
  14. ☢KTLMoDz☢
    ☢KTLMoDz☢ Christo
  15. Lindows
    Lindows Sophie_99
  16. Synth
    Synth Younis
    @Younis , Hi! I'm new-ish here i had previously visited this site months ago without an account before but now that i have one I'm looking in to buying a Month Premium , i ve set up a payment method on Google Pay UK but how do i go about doing it? Somewhere on the site is says revoking of premium if you haven't posted so many things and what not. And Google Pay to a Yahoo email. I need help to be clear
    1. Younis
      Yes that's correct
      Feb 20, 2019 at 9:19 PM
  17. salwa albusaidi
  18. jameson111
  19. ᎩᏬᏦᎥᎧ
  20. Azzlack Kartell
    Azzlack Kartell JASON83HD
    can u add me on insta? cem_milanoo