Buyer Beware ~ G.Sanchez12234 ~ Scams

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Jan 4, 2014
User: @G.Sanchez12234
IG: @xyqp

This user was found selling and scamming through the site and IG.
If you have proof of your own of him doing you wrong and want to spread the word, all means comment your proof down below. This is highly wrong, and the fact that people still are falling for it to even change platforms of communication just to get scammed is sad.

Proof From Victims (Selling Without Permission/Scamming Users Then Blocks Them):


Victim ~IG Messages~:
Strange Activity In Chat: (Clearly Lying In This, As you Can Read In The Above Victim Pics)
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May 31, 2015
Lol people buy from him when he's constantly asking for cids in the chat? They almost deserve to get scammed if they're THAT stupid.
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