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PS4 Black Ops 3 Zombies Unlimited Liquid Divinum GLITCH

Discussion in 'Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Glitches' started by J-PROD, Oct 14, 2020.

  1. J-PROD

    J-PROD Member

    Nov 3, 2016
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    Glitch Founder: UNKNOWN
    Written Guide for the Liquid Divinium Glitch:

    Step1: You need the following: a daily challenge and an ethernet cable. (Wireless read the ending)

    Step2: The daily challenge MUST be a challenge that rewards an LD when completed where you kill zombies. (Challenges that DO NOT work: drinking perks, pack-a-punching weapons, rebuilding barriers, knife kills, etc.)

    Step3: Get your challenge so that only 1 kill remains before it is complete i.e. 74/75, 199/200, 79/80, 99/100 etc.

    Step4: Next, load a game on any map you want.

    Step5: Depending on your challenge this step is a little different every time. For the sake of this guide, let’s say the challenge is kill 200 zombies with a pack-a-punched weapon.

    Step6: Get a gun that is pack-a-punched and line it up with a zombie. Shoot the zombie to complete the challenge and also pull your ethernet cord out of your console or router within a second or less from killing the zombie.

    Step7: Reset your game by closing application on console or pressing ALT + F4 on PC. Make sure now to replug your ethernet cable back in.

    Step8: Load the game up. When the menu that appears tells you to click on the Zombies gamemode; click on it, then pull your ethernet cable out again.

    Step9: Plug the ethernet cable back in and WAIT for the game to crash, (do NOT close the application).

    Step10: Spam through all of the alerts and stuff and you will load back into the Zombies game mode to see that you have received an LD without finishing the challenge.

    Step11: Sometimes you will get 1 twice so you will be at 2, that is fine, if you are at 1 that is fine too.

    Step12: Now repeat steps 4-10 and the next time you will get 2 LDs. So either you will have gone from 1 to 3 or 2 to 4. Then by repeating steps 4-10 again you will get 3 more, then 4 more, than 5, etc. Whatever number you get to is your loop number.

    Step13: The bigger your loop the better for this to work fastest. Once you are at a desired loop number you can proceed.

    Step14: Finally, to just loop the LDs you will load up the game, click on Zombies and disconnect your ethernet cable. Wait for the game to crash, load it back up and enter the Zombies game mode. Disconnect your internet and close the game application.

    Step15: Every Time you do step 14, your LDs will go up by whatever your loop number is. This is to help prevent the loop from resetting due to receiving an in game LD or by human error and finishing the daily challenge.

    Source: Glitch written guide by: Quazthegamer - Discord - Youtube

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