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Managing CID Section + Chat
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Jan 6, 2015
General chit-chat
Help Users
  • @ lurch6661:
    whats zapping
  • @ QM|T_JinX:
    @God been along time bro how you been
  • @ PliskinDev:
    hello, how are you?
  • @ PliskinDev:
    @PliskinDev hi, i'm fine and you?
  • @ QM|T_JinX:
    lol sup bro
  • @ PliskinDev:
    i'm good, thanks
  • @ QM|T_JinX:
  • @ QM|T_JinX:
    so you change your name lol
  • Chat Bot:
    MrTek is our newest member. Welcome!
  • @ MrTek:
    hey yo
  • @ QM|T_JinX:
    hii yo
  • @ MrTek:
    I was vibin when I got random notifs from here, might as well join
  • @ MrTek:
    I just finished jailbreaking my ps3, set up private beacon LBP2 server, and got all the dlc from here, legends
  • @ QM|T_JinX:
    yea younis the bigboss is doing that i geuss
  • @ QM|T_JinX:
    good to have you
  • @ MrTek:
    what are y'all doing? :) what is uuup
  • @ QM|T_JinX:
  • @ QM|T_JinX:
    nothing mutch at the moment hahah
  • @ PliskinDev:
    @Younis hey, I want privacy to hide my change name
  • @ QM|T_JinX:
    lol if you want anything done best to pm him bro haha
  • @ PliskinDev:
    not fair :sob:
    @ QM|T_JinX: :xD: