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Microsoft Confirms specifications and unveils cooling

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 News' started by Miss @ Security, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Miss @ Security

    Miss @ Security Avid Poster CC Dev Team Determined Poster Active Member

    Jul 13, 2016
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    On Xbox's official website, Microsoft has just confirmed the specifications of the Xbox Scorpio unveiled last Thursday by Digital Foundry.

    Without going into details, we note that the specifications correspond in particular the frequency of the famous custom x86 at 2.3 GHz, we also find the GPU power established at 6 Teraflops, as well as the ability to transcribe the games in "true" resolution 4K .


    Where technical details are confirmed it is also on the presence of 12 GB of DDR5 offering a bandwidth of 326 GB / s. Beyond the capacity of 1 TB, which will probably be quickly saturated since the textures will be imposing, it is mainly the cooling part that is put forward.


    Not to mention the power of this monster, because to propose such frequencies and power it will be necessary to power, Microsoft presses important points, the Vapor Chamber, the fan and Hovis method.


    The Vapor Chamber, or steam chamber, is a thermal dissipation technique known on many graphics cards for years, it has never been integrated into a home console. Without being a liquid cooling system as we might hear if we were talking about a PC (with a hydraulic pump, a water circuit that cools the components), the vapor chamber is a closed circuit within the radiator, which Is based on a particular technique of condensation and evaporation.

    Microsoft also puts forward a fan that takes advantage of the centrifugal force that lights up quickly and compresses the air to provide maximum cooling with minimal noise, only tests will tell us what it really is.


    Finally, the firm highlights the Hovis method, to maximize performance and minimize energy consumption, Project Scorpio uses the Hovis method, an advanced digital delivery system that takes into account the voltage of each console. Each Scorpio processor has its own unique features, and each Scorpio motherboard is balanced with its specific processor in order to keep the temperature low and maximize its efficiency. It also seems unrealistic that Microsoft does not produce a standard, the system will be closer to that of a graphics card that benefits from a boost effect, the system will "boost" when the needs are felt, and Will be lighter when resources are not fully needed. Marketing when you hold us.

    Source: Microsoft Please Login or register to view links or Console ID's

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