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Dec 11, 2013
Hello console crunch, it's been brought to my attention that people constantly ask for cids in the shoutbox and lack the ability to cease their asking after they have been warned, I've made this post in retaliation of this constant problem.

Some of the punishments of continuos asking in sb can be the following listed below.

1. You will be banned until further notice from the shoutbox (1st offense)

2. You will be banned from being able to view and post in the console id section entirely (2nd offense)

3. You will be banned from the site for a set amount of days, weeks, months, years, or until further notice (3rd offense)

4. Your ip will be banned from the site and you will never be able to access it again (4th offense)

For the record I'm not meaning this in any discriminative way or anything like that, I just feel as though this is a rising problem that needs to be dealt with.

I'd also like you to be able to understand that the cids may be provided by us, but they come from different sites/sources. It is also out of our control of when said cids are released unless we buy them for the site. With that being said we post them within the ten minutes they are released for you guys :) and we try are best to find new providers and sources.

That's it for now and I hope you understand, and if you read all of this post thanks.

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