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Save The Scene v1.1 (Homebrew Game) released by Lapy05575948

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 News' started by Douglas Oliveira, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Douglas Oliveira

    Douglas Oliveira Local Celebrity Local Celebrity Community Elite Community Veteran Determined Poster Active Member Console ID Poster

    Top Poster Of Month

    Jun 5, 2015
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    Cuban developer Lapy05575948 (aka Lapy Games) following the first homebrew release for the PS4 which was a Flappy Bird Clone called Lapy's Chicken . Now the game creator follows that game up with another in yesterday's release with v1.0 of a new PS4 Homebrew Game titled "Save The Scene" and a quick update of v1.1 followed today (that decreased the difficulty that was set a bit high in v1.0). Under the hood the game is built with Unity 3d and is an original creation by the developer for the PS4 along with a Windows version that has been created.as well. The premise of this game surrounds around an evil entity attacking the scene and you must save some of these devs by stopping the bombs (by selecting the right button before the bomb falls) from exploding on their heads . If you prove your are the "chosen one" you may get a working exploit (in the game world lol). There is some enjoyable design elements to this title that were brought to the game by the developer (Lapy05575948) and Xalgovia. Plus for your listening pleasures in this title we can thank retrogamer74 for the sound affects. Included below is video footage/screenshots of this game in action. This PS4 Homebrew requires an exploited PS4 Console (on 5.05 FW)



    PS4 Version: Quickly use the on-screen controls when promoted.
    Windows Version: You can use a command compatible with Xinput or the keyboard arrows.

    Changelog v1.1:

    Reset "bomb gravity" to the original "force" setting for when bomb's explode. Making it more playable then the Initial release ofPS4: v1.0.


    Lapy05575948 (lead dev)
    Xalgovia (Design)
    retrogamer74 (SFX)
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  2. QM|T_JinX

    QM|T_JinX ✨ Super Moderator ✨ Staff Member Moderator Community Veteran Determined Poster Active Member

    Oct 10, 2016
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    looks good bro
  3. SlitzYourThroat

    SlitzYourThroat 22nd CEO

    Feb 3, 2018
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    Looking great ;) Keep up the good work Doug:ROFL:
  4. lxlKingzOFAllModzlxl

    lxlKingzOFAllModzlxl ⚜S҉u҉p҉e҉r҉ M҉o҉d҉e҉r҉a҉t҉o҉r҉⚜ Staff Member Moderator Community Veteran Determined Poster Active Member

    May 1, 2016
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