Selling, Buying and Trade Rules [READ BEFORE SELLING!!] Updated 11/07/2017

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Sep 27, 2013

All pictures need to have your user name and on a piece of paper clearly visible in the photo.

Payment Options
We highly recommend using PayPal for security and being able to get a refund! If you are selling on PayPal you MUST be verified. You should never ask them to send the money as Family or Friends!

You must have more than 500+ posts and must be a member for 6 months
You must have purchased selling ability here.
You must have to PM Younis for verification after you bought selling ability! Then I will verify you to sell!

Any violators will be deleted immediately. You can always check out a users posts by clicking their name in the thread. ALWAYS use signature confirmation and insurance on your shipments. Its best to meet in person, although obviously its not always possible. assumes no risk for any loss or fraudulent activity resulting from transactions from within this forum and by conducting transactions resulting from this forum you assume all risk.​
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