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Feb 6, 2014

Providing proof

To help your thread gain more attention, It would be ideal for you to post pictures of your item/service you are selling, To do this make sure you have got your consolecrunch username located anywhere in the picture, More than one photo may be required depending on the product/service you're selling. If you fail to follow this procedure it may lead to losing your selling ability and your thread will be removed.


Members here on the site are very much aware that the Shop section is not that very much active so I would like to say if you have a service/item you like to sell and its not getting the attention you would of hoped so, You may have the permission to bump your thread, if this rule is approved by staff members, You shall bump your once every 48 hours, This way it shall gain more attention because it will show up in the new post's. If you bump more than once within 48 hours you will lose your selling ability!

Staying safe online

If you are buying from this site, then make sure you do it through Private Messages ONLY otherwise there is nothing else we can do if you got scammed.

If you believe that you have been scammed we encourage you to come forward. Although we cannot get your money back, if you have enough constructive evidence, we will make sure that the scammer is punished to the furthest extent of our jurisdiction (A ban). If you used PayPal, then you can request for a refund if you did not send it as a gift (Freinds or Family)!

Need help from a staff member? Make sure to Private Message me Here and I will make sure to provide and help as much as I can.

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