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PS3 Tutorial: Avoid Ban by modding GTA 5 - Prolong CID life - Try at your own risk

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto V Support' started by RealCFW, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. RealCFW

    RealCFW Active Poster Active Member

    Sep 12, 2016
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    hello CC,

    TEXT TUT :
    --How to Prolong CID life given the current scenario--
    After ages, I am making a post which will not concern my customers, but rather my peers. Even though I am last to share my work methods, We have entered into the final stage of GTA modding where I don't see the point of hiding stuff. So here it is, I do not guarantee anything, But this is what worked FOR ME at least. I have been able to mod on the same CID for 4 days now, and given the current scenario, that is nothing s...hort of amazing, considering I lost 4 CIDs in a day.
    1 - Boot Ps3 etc do your thing, Once you have disabled syscalls, Log in to PSN with the good CID. If you use an SPRX which needs psn Logged in, It is fine, Just change IDPS AND PSID, (VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE A PSID WHICH WASNT ASSOCIATED WITH A BANNED IDPS)
    2 - Start GTA 5 , once you have your sprx activated, it is cool , load onto single player.
    3. Then go online, Now keep in Mind, You need a valid CID login to go online, so change your CID back to the working one, as if you try to go online it will say "Not enough permissions to go online" on GTA 5, as that error indicates only improper login. So login quick, and once you are logged in, that token will last you till you log out or go to single player.
    4. Now once you are logged in, instantly change back to a bad CID, then go online and Mod. Not a spec of modding activity should be done on the legit CID.
    It has worked for me , hope it works for you. Please Login or register to view links or Console ID's

    And happy modding!

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