What is 4k xbox scorpio games like

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Jul 13, 2016
Through its blog, Microsoft offers us to discover what 4K games will look like in Xbox Scorpio.

Of course, we do not have anything to write a test or a review, but we can already get some information.


4k scorpio
Windows Central had an image taken from Scorpion, so we propose an analysis between the same 1080p image on Xbox One, and native 4K on Scorpio.


1080p Xbox One

As we can see, the Scorpio image is much sharper, the details are improved, especially the hair and clothes, but also background elements like the empty tubes behind it.


4K Scorpio

Texture and resolution details are limited by graphics power, memory bandwidth and system, but with these restrictions can be lifted on Scorpio


1080p Scorpio

The triple image shows the picture three different use cases - 1080p on Xbox One, Scorpio on 1080p, 4K on Scorpio.


From left to right: 1080p on Xbox One, Scorpion on 1080p, 4K on Scorpio.

Everything is here http://www.windowscentral.com/how-project-scorpio-enhances-games-at-1080p
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